Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 21 May 2018

6mm Swarms finished

Quick paint jobs so soon finished - though not varnished yet.

The other thing needed to go with them is a transport system, so sort of sorted that as well...

Swarms plus transport.
4 swarms, 2 of each type. Should be enough(?)

Transport was bought a long time ago. Sadly, I only bought 3 of them so 1 short...  Actually they're not models. They're pens I bought on the off-chance they would come in useful some day.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

1897 Artillery Grand Battery

Saturday was quite a productive day. Apart from the 6mm SciFi figures I also managed to complete the British artillery battery. Having said that, the gloss finish hasn't worked properly so I'll have a bit of retouching and respraying to do.

All the kneeling figures and standing officer with sword  are Spencer Smith.

The other standing figures are Schildkrot/Berliner Zinnfiguren figures.

Certainly, 'full size' crews make the guns look better!

Saturday, 19 May 2018

6mm Alien attack overview.

Garrison had quite a nice (if now old fashioned) range of sf tanks. The first lot I painted up were loosely based on German WW2 schemes, recently I started painting up more of these but in a more British scheme. Then I spotted a load of 15mm Stargrunt 'spider drones' on the Ground Zero stand at Salute and thought they would make good 6mm alien machines. The idea is that they are fast-moving lightly armoured swarms that like to swamp their enemies - a bit like fast zombies in zombie games.

The result is a very quickly painted set of sf models... more spider drones on order, human infantry there's a load of Brigade Models infantry on order, still thinking about a source for suitable alien infantry.
The 'British' armoured division as it stands at the moment.

It nominally harks back to WW2 so the first/Senior Regiment has red markings, first squadron triangle on turret, 2nd square and 3rd circle. However, the HQ I've gone for 'R' instead of a diamond - so closer to German WW2 in that respect. Vehicles are 'standard' grav tanks and I may add a second Regiment of these.
The second Regiment is a heavy regiment - 2 squadrons of tracked heavies and an 'anti-tank' squadron of grav tanks with missile capability.
Artillery support - lots of missiles on a grav chassis.

Scout Regiment but liable to be used as infantry carriers until I get that lot sorted.

The only non-Garrison element - some Ground Zero walkers. In 'this' universe they would have been designed and produced as a partial response to the swarms.

Two different swarms of Ground Zero Spider Drones. Each swarm includes 15 vehicles - not really drones of course, but might as well still call them that - quite simply painted.

This lot are quite weird - I'm using them as basically support/assault with an anti-infantry Gatling type gun plus a very short range weapon capable of taking out the heaviest armour - if it can get close enough.
General purpose swarm. Two guns with limited anti infantry capability and not really able to defeat the heavy tracked tanks... think Sherman 75 against Tiger...

(While typing this the post arrived bringing with it the next two swarms...)

Thursday, 17 May 2018

A minor scene of chaos?

I'm not very tidy and I don't always put things away. Likewise, I rarely find myself working on one thing at a time. I have recently taken over the sofa area of a spare room for photographs and the odd minor battle but it also seems to be a temporary storage area as well, anyway, walked into the room, looked at the area and thought...

So, here it is. A very good example of 'me' in action...

An overview of the scene...

The sofa itself showing Atlanteans, sf tanks and Tigers!

A load of Garrison 6mm sf tanks - cast years ago, undercoated months ago, completed in the last couple of days.

Tigers from Norwich... initial respray and waiting for the job to be completed. Plus odd Atlantean stuff-in-progress.

Sarissa church. My 28mm buildings tend to appear everywhere - big and awkward to store.

Of course, that lot were just a few bits of overflow chaos. This is my normal painting station. It would take too long to go over everything in that picture!

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

The ever growing power of Atlantis

Back in February I mentioned some reinforcements for the Atlantian army. Since then I've added to the spears part of the army but I'm definitely lagging as regards the pikes. I've also managed to acquire more cavalry. Of course the elephants are not an issue - I can always cast as many as I want, plus I've built up a healthy surplus of old Minifigs archers to use as crews. I think the best way of describing the Atlantians is that it's a 'background' army - mostly using bought painted with minimal retouching, not a major effort, just quietly building up.

The thing is, non of this has really been intentional - it's just a case of 'they're cheap, could use them for Atlantis' - with rarely a thought as to when I'll get round to actually be able to repaint/retouch/base/etc them - or even if they'll ever be used as anything other than the original DBA/HoTT army.

Someday I'm going to have to stop this mad impulse to collect large armies- but probably not for a while yet.

This is the 'original' army -14 elements to allow some variation - the pikes were intended to be regulars, the spears citizen militia.

Addition of more spears as previously reported. At this time I also got some pikes, spears and cavalry that need/needed stripping so aren't here. Need more pikes.

Gradually got more spears and cavalry. Adding a couple more elephants seems to be appropriate. Need more pikes. I might replace the Cretan archers with these S Range Greek archers. The cavalry are early S Range one piece castings.

One thing that always surprises me is the sheer number of different S Range variants there were. Even this lot comes in 2 different versions.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Airfix Ancient Wargaming Guide

You know how it goes, you lend someone a book, never get it back. Lent out my Airfix Ancient Wargaming Guide back in the late 70s, thought, well, one on ebay might as well get it.

I think that's called nostalgia or something. Still nice though.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

1897 The Prussians are coming, Hurrah, Hurrah

In a rash moment I ordered some of the Zinnfiguren moulds. Is this cost effective? Not really, but I do like fielding at least some figures I've cast myself. The moulds aren't due to arrive for a while yet - they're out of stock at the moment and I'll have to wait for a fresh batch - so in the meantime I've decided to paint up some of my ebay purchase as Prussians/Germans. In the 1897 Great War Germany sided with the Empire.

With the best will in the world I can't pretend that they are anywhere near the standard of the Spencer Smith or Irregular figures, but still...

The trousers on the photos look white whilst they are actually painted light grey!

Not sure yet, but might supplement these units with Irregular standard bearers.

The close up shows one way I've been painting these wrongly - really must put the left hands in the right position across the body instead of painting the hands as pouches! A repaint of this area  is now scheduled. I never noticed this when I painted the British units!